Mango: Long Dresses Spring 2011


A few weeks ago I took a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and there is a friend of mine asked a question “Where I can find a long dress between 99 and 149 euros?”

In his own words, she needs to wear it at a party, on the other hand, she also mentioned that I have found several short dresses in Zara & Company, but she did not love.

After seeing his great need, I decided to Remonde my friend to check out the new collection of Mango “Long” for spring 2011. Although some models have already arrived in stores, some of them are finished and no doubt fascinating set trends in the season.

Currently the fashion is to show us the best of your women look glamorous and wear dresses that are long and have an innovative design and flashing from any point of view.

One of the dresses has a chic look is one that is colored makeup, jeweled neckline empire cut and draping.

No doubt my friend saw this dress, were to be surprising and indeed to buy it, because you only have to invest the modest sum of 129 euros.

We can not fail to mention that the rest of the collection is not far behind, as it has a flattering and elegant look.

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