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Fergie Talks About Her New Plans!

The lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, who these days has been very quiet, after taking a long vacation with their peers outside the scenarios and long tours which undoubtedly left them exhausted, took the opportunity to talk about this time rest who already lives with her husband actor Josh Duhamel, who has now been nearly three years of married.

And is that the beautiful blonde was interviewed by People magazine, which asked him about their plans and what expect you for this 2012, and the artist did not hesitate to express how happy it feels to say “I have eager to be at home and not have to sleep each night in a city or country.” “I want to spend more time with my husband watching football and basketball”. Which is understandable, since although it has already spent several years with the actor’s “New Year’s Eve”, singer had been able to unshared long next to her husband, due to his busy schedule left which clearly not her have a more home life during this time.

But now the interpreter of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is ready to take advantage of this time with Duhamel, and incidentally why not form a family, because when the magazine asked whether there was any possibility that this year was pregnant, she never denied, expressing it “perhaps, who knows?” We’ll see. I’m going where leads me day… “.” Although we are confident that it can be that Yes, because a few months ago the artist had confessed to El Universal of Mexico “everything is on the Black Eyed Peas.” There is no room in my schedule to have a child. “And even if I wanted, not could act onstage pregnant, I would feel very guilty.” So now that you are far away from the stage, he seems to have the time to fulfill this dream.