Beliebers: “the Disney Channel’s pathetic”

Beliebers the Disney Channels pathetic

Fans of Justin Bieber (also known as ‘Beliebers’) are mad with the television network Disney Channel due to a recent comment made about the idol. The chain has all the angry fan once called it girl.

Well, not exactly. What happened was that the series ‘Jessie’, was a joke about a girl who looked like Justin Bieber. But clearly to Bieber do not touch you or with the petal of a rose, as hordes of fans joined their twitters and began a real campaign trend called “Disney’s pathetic”.

This is not the first time that the broadcaster gets angry fans, and even stars. As we reported previously how Demi Lovato was angry because of a joke about eating disorders, which affected it much personally. Lovato attended his Twitter and showed their anger openly, while she herself won fame through the channel of the mouse. This earned an apology on the part of Disney’s anyway, but still have not said anything about the joke of Justin.


  1. Grace Hawkins

    I don’t think people should be angry or mad because in the world people will look like other people and nobody can do anything about it. They should think before they do because what if they were the person who got angry fans how would it make them feel?!!?

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