Will Smith is an Idiot?

will smith fresh prince of bel air

will smith fresh prince of bel air

I bet many have a very favorable picture of fun “Men In Black” Star Will Smith, because we have not only seen his performance in different films that have been a success, such as “I am Legend” and “Hitch”, but that we had not heard anything negative about the actor.

Although recently we learned that he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, may come to separate because they are together is more advertising than by anything else, now hear strong comments by his former companion of set, Janet Hubert, in the series “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”. According to Showbiz Spy, the actress who was the original aunt Vivian in the show, decided not to attend the recent meeting of all the cast, arguing that he didn’t want to be included in this, because it is still annoying by have been fired from the program, all because of the personality of Will.

“There will never be a meeting, that I will never do anything with an idiot like Will Smith” Hubert said. Also stated that the singer of “Gettin” Jiggy Wit It “,”it is still a self-worshiping and it has not matured.” “These constant meetings will never happen in my life, unless an apology, but he does not know the meaning of that.”

The actress of 55 which was replaced three years after they begin the show, by Daphne Maxwell Reid, and blamed his departure from the comedy will, that she was not prepared to tolerate the actor who was the protagonist of the series, and thanks to that, believed entirely the title of Star, when he was only 22 years old. Smith now has 43 years had already once believed that Janet had a bad attitude to, deny that he had been the culprit for his departure.

Who You do believe?.

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